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Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease (DK-MCD)

The DK-MCD offers an excellence PhD program that provides an in-depth, multidisciplinary training in biomedical research in a stimulating international environment. The thesis projects focus on aspects of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases that integrate basic research and clinically-oriented sciences utilizing a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art techniques.

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Our students' faculty has elected their new speakers: Benedikt Kien and Beatrix Wieser. Congratulations!

Latest Publications
Schilcher I, Kern S, Hrzenjak A, Eichmann TO, Stojakovic T, Scharnagl H, Duta-Mare M, Kratky D, Marsche G, Frank S. Impact of Endothelial Lipase on Cholesterol Efflux Capacity of Serum and High-density Lipoprotein. Sci Rep. 2017; 7(1):12485

Zandl-Lang M, Fanaee-Danesh E, Sun Y, Cancar I, Gali CC, Kober A, Albrecher NM, Tam-Amersdorfer C, Stracke A, Storck S, Saeed A, Stefulj J, Pietrzik C, Wilson MR, Björkhem I, Panzenboeck U. Regulatory effects of simvastatin and apoJ on APP processing and amyloid-ß clearance in blood-brain barrier endothelial cells. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2017; 1863(1):40-60

Bischof H, Rehberg M, Stryeck S, Artinger K, Eroglu E, Waldeck-Weiermair M, Gottschalk B, Rost R, Deak AT, Niedrist T, Vujic N, Lindermuth H, Prassl R, Pelzmann B, Groschner K, Kratky D, Eller K, Rosenkranz AR, Madl T, Plesnila N, Graier WF, Malli R. Novel genetically encoded fluorescent probes enable real-time detection of potassium in vitro and in vivo. Nat Commun. 2017; 8(1):1422

Madreiter-Sokolowski CT, Győrffy B, Klec C, Sokolowski AA, Rost R, Waldeck-Weiermair M, Malli R, Graier WF. UCP2 and PRMT1 are key prognostic markers for lung carcinoma patients. Oncotarget. 2017; 8:80278-80285


10 Years Anniversary of PhD Programs at the Medical University of Graz

13:00 Alumni lectures by:
- Katharina Leithner (Medical University of Graz)
- Anna Obenauf (IMP, Vienna Biocenter)
- Ivana Poparic (Imperial Innovations, London)
Lecture Hall MC 3 (MED Campus, ground floor)
15:00 Festive Program
Auditorium of the MED Campus (ground floor)
17:00 Buffet

20.11.2017 Guest Lecture
Regulatory role of innate immunity in homeostasis and disease by Sylvia Knapp, MD, PhD
13:00, SR 26.K3 (Heinrichstrasse 31a, basement), MUG

CardioFlame Symposium

Registration : November 17, 2017

Technical Workshop

MUG Doctoral Day

Registration : December 1, 2017
Abstract Submission: October 27, 2017