Open Projects of the Current Call

Principal Investigator Thesis Project
Juliane Bogner-Strauss
Investigating the role of mitochondrial aspartate-glutamate carrier in cancer
Juliane Bogner-Strauss
Investigating the role of N-acetyltransferase 8-like (NAT8L) in whole body energy metabolism and the consequences for the heart
Peter Fickert The role of bile acids in lipid and energy metabolism in health and disease
Guenter Haemmerle Role of lipases in mitochondrial dynamics
Guenter Haemmerle Role of Perilipin 5 phosphorylation in the development of liver disease
Johannes Haybaeck Detection and prognostic value of circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA in patients with intracranial and intraspinal tumors
Wolfgang Sattler Lysophosphatidic acid as effector of microglia metabolism
Peter Wolf The role of JAK pathway and its inhibition in cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL)