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February 2018

  • Alexander, our new PostDoc and Daniela, our new MasterStudent joined the group!
  • Our microbes wish you a happy Valentine's Day!


January 2018




December 2017



November 2017


October 2017


  • We joined the MedUniGraz Schöcklwanderung. -> see more


September 2017

  • Wohoo! Alexandra won the LIFE SCIENCE PHD AWARD AUSTRIA for her outstanding PhD thesis. Congratulations!!!
  • Master student Diana has joined us!
  • We enjoyed learning more about astronomy on our group trip to the observatory Auersbachtal.
  • Rahela from Romania is here for a week within the europlanet project!
  • Timo from Karl-Franzens University is visiting our lab for a few weeks

July 2017

  • Our new intern Ines joined our group to support the Arbex project!
  • Congratulations to Manuela who won the poster prize at the FEMS-congress in Spain!
  • The Arbex-Wipes arrived! We hope for interesting results.
  • Soo pretty! ISS isolate #1RA on plate (Picture below!)


June 2017

  • The ISS samples have been taken by astronauts today on 28th!
    We are looking forward to their delivery.
  • New publications on Archea & skin are out from MeduniGraz (press release, article) and from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Alexandra got the doctoral thesis award at the University of Regensburg for her dissertation “Grappling extremes: The biology and diversity of space-relevant microorganisms”
    - Congratulations!



May 2017



April 2017

  • Within the launch of Cygnus Cargoship (Orbital ATK flight OA-7) on April 18th our Arbex- Wipes took off to ISS.



March 2017



February 2017




January 2017

  • Ayo from Nigeria joined our group and will stay for half a year! Welcome!





November 2016

  • On the 4th of November the 3rd Theodor Escherich symposium has taken place.
    It was again a very nice day with many interesting talks.
    We are very proud of Kaisa and Manuela who won the best talk prize/ 1st poster prize!


October 2016

  • Kaisa received a Start Funding Program grant from Medical University of Graz for her project ”Microbiome meets plasmidome – connecting pathogenic infection risk, healthy microbes, and environmental biodiveristy in a functional hospital setting”.
  • Jorge, an erasmus student from Spain was visiting us for two weeks 



September 2016

  • Atsuko, a student from Japan, is visiting us for a week.



August 2016

  • Petra is visiting us for a week.
  • Kaisa received research funding from Stadt Graz for her project ”Mikrobielle Übertragsungswege in Intensivstationen” (Microbial transfer at intensive care units).
  • Half of our group is going to attend ISME (16th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology) in Montreal. We are looking forward for new inputs!




July 2016

  • Alex won the 1st prize for her talk at summer academy! Congratulations!
  • Johannes is here for an internship for 4 weeks.
  • Cameras in our lab! Another movie is on the way.
  • Our new paper is out: Venturing into new realms? Microorganisms in space. (in FEMS Microbiol. Rev.)




June 2016

  • Michael and Martin from Aarhus, Denmark were here for two weeks within the europlanet project. We hope you got some interesting results! Thank you both!
  • Europlanet brings very interesting projects and people to us! We could share our lab with Karen from UK and Barbara from Italy for a few days. Nice to meet you!




May 2016

  • The europlanet project brought Stefan to our group for a week.
    Thank you for your visit!
  • Congratulations to Michi Mauermeir who won the 2rd place of the ISC - (International Student Congress) science flash! 
  • Kaisa travelled to Italy to collect samples from a clean room.




April 2016

  • Our Lange Nacht der Forschung - exposition "Mikrobenalarm - Eine schrecklich nette Familie!"
    on 22nd of april was a huge success!
    More than 900 visitors got to learn more about microbes.

  • Look at the fotos of the evening!
  • Find more handprints of our visitors here!




March 2016




February 2016

  • Our new intern Mara has joined our group!




January 2016

  • Stefanie Duller has joined our team! Welcome! 



December 2015

  • Our "Astrobiology and Space Medicine workshop" was a blast! Check it out here
  • Another visit from an ORF team in our laboratory! 





November 2015

  • Congratulations to Alexandra Perras, who won the 3rd poster price at the Theodor Escherich symposium!
  • Please check-out our newest press-release on the microbiome activities in Graz!





October 2015

  • Our team has a new member: Welcome Manuela Pausan!
  • Please check-out our newest press-release on the healthy microbiome of plants!
  • Congratulations to Max Mora for the Space Factor Contest Award, received at the EANA 2015 meeting in Noordwijk!




September 2015

  • Our team has a new member: Welcome Michi Mauermeir, Erasmus student from Regensburg!
  • Microbiome research on ORF2
  •  Welcome international researchers: our facilities are now open for you! Come and visit our Center For Life Detection. Our new project was kicked-off in September: Europlanet.


 July 2015:

  •  Nächster Halt: Mars! Please check out the update on our space activities here.
  • Join us to our trip to Mars: The Mars mission simulation activity AMADEE-15 is the environment for our Glacier-MASE project.



June 2015:

  • Michael Beck won the 3rd place of the ISC - (International Student Congress) poster prize! Congratulations!


 April 2015:

  • Our new PostDoc has joined our group: Welcome Kaisa!!!




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