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PhD Research Positions

The competitive excellence doctoral program is open for highly motivated students in medicine and life sciences.

The PhD program implements the third cycle of the Bologna process (the roadmap of the European Union for higher education). Thus, PhD candidates are seen as students who are offered education and guidance for their benefit and as young researchers who contribute to the scientific success of our universities.

The position 

PhD candidates will be fully employed at the respective university including social benefits with a net salary (after deduction of taxes, health and pension insurance) of approximately EUR 21.500 per year.

Parallel to the employment one has to enroll as a PhD student. Successful applicants will be involved in highly competitive research projects working towards their thesis. A successful PhD student will have to show considerable engagement beyond formal working hours.

Duration of the contract

Funding is initially granted for a period of up to three years, which will be a typical duration for the PhD thesis. Moreover, DP-iDP students will be encouraged to spend 6 month up to one year abroad joining other collaborating laboratories with the possibility of a 4th year extension of their contract.

There is a constant monitoring of the performance of the student by the thesis committee.

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