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Restricting access to your thesis

Access restriction for a doctoral thesis

Pursuant to § 86 para. 2 UG 2002, the author can apply for access to a master’s thesis, diploma thesis or doctoral thesis to be withheld (user restriction, access restriction) if the student establishes that his/her fundamental legal or business interests would be endangered by permitting public access to the thesis.  

Access restriction is initially granted for two years. It is possible to extend this period for a further three years. For this purpose, an application must be sent in good time, prior to the expiry of the first period of restriction, to the Rector of Studies of Med Uni Graz via the Admissions and Registration Office (Neue Stiftingtalstraße 2/I, 8010 Graz, room 670). After this, the entire period of five years may not be exceeded.  

Restricting access to your thesis means preventing free access to it on the Internet, but it does not prevent the title, the abstract, the author’s name, the supervisor’s name or the name of the organisation being recorded on MEDonline.  

How to restrict access to your thesis

The application for access restriction (access restriction form) must be submitted for approval before you submit your thesis on MEDonline, during the office hours of the Rector of Studies of Med Uni Graz (you are requested to make an appointment).  

You must submit the approved application for access restriction, together with the documents for the thesis assessment, to the Rector of Studies or, if you are submitting a doctoral thesis, to martina.kupfer(at)  

Access restriction will be activated by the Admissions and Registration Office when the grades for the thesis are entered. Until this point, the thesis will only be visible to the persons involved in the doctoral procedure.  


For queries on access restrictions for doctoral theses, please contact the Admissions and Registration Office:

Ms Martina Kupfer
Abteilung Zulassung und Studienservice
Harrachgasse 21/2
8010 Graz
Tel.: 0316/385 - 73668
Email: martina.kupfer(at)  

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