PersonalLab (ELISA-Processor)



The PersonalLab (Adaltis Inc.) is an automated 2–microplate analyzer capable of fully automating immunoenzymatic techniques using a microplate format. It consists of two main modules: the instrument containing all the components for sample and reagent processing, and the management system containing the instrument′s controlling software and data management functions.
The incubation station has two independent temperature controlled chambers (one for each microplate) that are thermally insulated from the rest of the instrument. The PersonalLab is equipped with a robotic arm for the processing of samples, standards, controls and reagents, which can be diluted, if necessary. The instrument uses a patented pneumatic fluid level control system for precise dispense volumes, even when minimum volumes are used.

The PersonalLab has two seperate reading stations with a reading range of 0–3.0 optical density (OD). Reading is performed through the 16 lighting channels and eight interference filters. The software handles all the programming of the management system (i.e., protocols, profiles and worklists). It allows creating protocols for different assays and the best practical possibility, either using the fully automating technique or only the reading station.