Open Projects of the Current Call

The open positions are located at different research institutions in Graz and Vienna. Admitted students will be enrolled at the respective PhD programs at these universities depending on the affiliation of the respective principal investigator.
For overview, please see the information about the programs.

Principal Investigator Thesis Project Program Location
Ruth Birner-Gruenberger Lipid hydrolysis in cancer metabolism and signaling SFB &
MUG, Graz
Amin El-Heliebi Tracking the Resistance: Liquid biopsy monitoring of drug resistance in metastatic prostate cancer AMBRA MUG, Graz
Peter Fickert Gut-liver bile acid signaling in healthy and diseased metabolism DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Wolfgang F. Graier The ER-mitochondria junction as target for senolysis DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Klaus Groschner Photopharmacological and optogenetic targeting of vascular endothelial function DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Klaus Groschner Novel concepts for therapeutic targeting of TRPC channels in tumors DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Guenter Haemmerle The role of carboxylesterase 2 members in hepatic lipid metabolism SFB &
UG, Graz
Gerald Hoefler Adipose TriGlyceride Lipase (ATGL) plays an essential role in bronchiolar club cell metabolism and protects from lung cancer development DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Julia Kargl Neutrophil function in pregnancy DP-iDP MUG, Graz
Dagmar Kratky Lysosomal lipid degradation in bone and muscle development SFB &
MUG, Graz
Dagmar Kratky Crosstalk of lysosomal lipid degradation in liver and adipose tissue SFB &
MUG, Graz
Grazyna Kwapiszewska Phenotypic fibroblast switch leads to lung fibrosis MolMed MUG, Graz
Frank Madeo Organoprotective effects of a novel natural autophagy inducer DK-MCD UG, Graz
Frank Madeo Metabolic signature of post-fasting processes DK-MCD UG, Graz
Tobias Madl Novel tools for monitoring arginine methylation DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Tobias Madl Linking arginine methylation, RG/RGG protein homeostasis, and disease DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Monika Oberer Structure-function relationship of lipolytic regulation SFB UG, Graz
Ute Panzenboeck Activating LDL receptor-related protein 1 at the blood-brain barrier DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Ute Panzenboeck Nuclear receptor signalling in immune-metabolic functions of cerebrovascular endothelial cells DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Martin Pichler The influence of non-coding RNAs on breast cancer stem cell metabolism and survival DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Martin Pichler Gene fusions of tyrosine kinases and non-coding RNAs as novel pathogenic drivers of tumor metabolism and escaping immune surveillance DK-MCD MUG, Graz
Rudolf Schicho Cannabinoid receptors in gastrointestinal inflammation and cancer MolMed MUG, Graz
Rainer Schindl Light-triggered ion channel regulation MolMed MUG, Graz
Vanessa Stadlbauer-Koellner The gut-liver-muscle axis in liver cirrhosis: Does the gut microbiome dysbiosis contribute to sarcopenia? DK-MOLIN MUG, Graz
Michael Trauner Lipid hydrolysis pathways in the progression of cholestatic and metabolic liver disease SFB MUW , Vienna
Robert Zimmermann & Ulrike Taschler Biosynthesis of the late endosomal/lysosomal lipid bis(monoacylglycero)-phosphate


UG, Graz