Center for Microbiome Research | Zentrum für Mikrobiomforschung

Interactive microbiome research


March 2021

  • WELCOME: Rokhsareh has arrived in Graz and started her PhD.
  • Torben is back in our team with his own project.
  • ECO: We joined the GreenLabs Austria initiative to reduce our ecological footprint

February 2021 

  • WELCOME: Laura joined our team for doing her master thesis
  • The ORF was in the lab for filming 

January 2021

  • TALKS: Christine presented at the Jena MiCoCo seminar on "Archaea- interactive components of diverse microbiomes" 
  • PUBLICATION: Our new paper on "Microbiome dynamics during the HI-SEAS IV mission, and implications for future crewed missions beyond Earth" was published in Microbiome Journal. Congratulations to Alex and all co-authors! 

December 2020

  • TALKS: Steffi and Christina presented their work at ÖGMBT
  • WELCOME: Julia, our new Master student joined us
  • CONGRATULATIONS: Alex received the BioTechMed Best Collaborative Paper Award. 
  • FUNDING: FWF supports a new SFB "Immunometabolism". We are happy to contribute one work package on archaeome/microbiome interaction with macrophages! 

November 2020

October 2020

  • WELCOME: Masterstudent Ignaz!
  • EVENT: The 7th Theodor Escherich Symposium took place successfully as an online Webinar. Thank you for attending!
  • CONGRATULATIONS: Steffi got the talk award at the TES! 

August 2020



July 2020

June 2020

  • WELCOME: Anna and Viktoria startet their practical master thesis in our lab!
  • CONFERENCES: Some of us attended the London calling virtual conference from Oxford Nanopore Technology and the The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome: The Microbiome in the Time of Pandemics.
  • We participated in online trainings about scientific story telling and virtual communication scills.
  • Alex has been interviewed for the Labiotech-article "Why Biotech Must Change its Cleaning and Disinfection Strategy"
  • PUBLICATION: Manuela and Christine, published together with colleagues from the Medical University of Graz, an article in mSystems on the interplay of human milk oligosaccharides and preterm birth
  • Alex is now an editor of the special issue “Unveiling the Metagenomic World of the Built Environment” in Frontiers Genetics. more details
  • CONGRATULATIONS: Timo successfully defended his PhD! (Foto)

May 2020




April 2020



 March 2020 

  • CORONAVIRUS: Due to SARS-CoV-2, we changed our working habits mainly to telework/ homeoffice.
    A big THANK YOU to our colleagues of the Diagnostics for their hard work! -> read more
  • Alex participated in an online training by Oxford Nanopore Technology.



  • WELL DONE: Congratulations to Manuela for her excellent PhD Defense!!!


Februray 2020


  • EVENT: At an internal Get-toghether we invited our new colleagues for afternoon snacks to get to know eachother - good networking!
  • PULIC OUTREACH: We were on TV! Watch us on P.M.Wissen on Servus TV "Seuchenschutz für's All".
  • TRAVELLING: Meetings in GB: Christine went to Norwich, Alex to London for the Europlanet 2024 Kick off meeting.


January 2020


  • FOTOS: Our lab is moving across the street!
  • TRAVELLING: Christine went to the Miami Winter Symposium.


December 2019




November 2019





  • FOTO: We had our group retreat at Schloss Seggau and got a lot of new input!
  • CONFERENCE: We went to the AMICI conference in Innsbruck. 


September 2019


August 2019

  • CONFERENCE: Alex went to Lithuania to visit and give a talk at the ISES ISIAQ 2019 Joint Annual Meeting.



July 2019

  • WELCOME: Simon and Stephanie from Sweden visit us in frame of the europlanet project.
  • CONFERENCE: Marcus and Christina went to FEMS in Glasgow to present their posters and get some new impressions.
  • TRAVELLING:We went to Stevenage for taking samples.



June 2019

  • TRAVELLING: Marcus attended the EMBO Practical Course "Breathless microbes: Techniques and theory in anaerobic microbiology" in Wageningen.
  • FOTO: Max had his PhD defence! Congratulations!!!


May 2019

  • TEACHING: PhD students learn to grow anaerobic microorganisms - and the lab is full!
  • WELCOME: Sophie and Rafaela are doining an internship at our lab!
  • AWARD: Alex won the Hygiene-award! (Foto3) Congratulations!


April 2019

  • TRAVELLING: Lisa went to Torino to take samples.
  • WELCOME: Ana, Sirja and Igor were here within the europlanet project - some FISH assays (picture below). 
  • CONFERENCE: Christine was invited by the Microbiology Society to talk at the Annual Conference 2019 in Belfast and she met "old" friends (pictures below).


March 2019

  • TRAVELLING: We went to Friedrichshafen for taking samples.
  • AWARD: Christine was inaugurated as new member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg.
  • PUBLIC OUTREACH: Christine gave a talk on the human microbiome at the ÖGKV in Graz.
  • NETWORKING: Christine connected with scientists in Marburg.

February 2019

  • PUBLICATION: Our Nature Communications paper is out, Congratulations Alex!
  • "Man-made microbial resistances in built environments"
  • TRAVELLING: Chrissy got a travel grant for FEMS!
  • We travelled to Helsinki to learn about EPIC-PCR! (FOTO)
  • WELCOME: The Europlanet project brought us colleagues from Italy, Germany and the US for a week, to atted our workshop.


January 2019


  • WELCOME: Theodora joined our team!



December 2018


  • EVENT/FOTO: We had a great time at our Advent Party, thank you Christine!
  • FOTO2: Charlotte and Christine joined the kick-off event of "Inflammatory Disorders in Pregnancy".
  • WELCOME: Zobia joined out team!
  • PUBLICATION: Our new publication was published by Emerging Topics in Life Sciences.
  • AWARD: Jippie! We are the 2018 Winner of the Vichy Exposome Grant!


November 2018


  • CONGRATULATIONS: Christine was appointed ordinary member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts!
  • EVENT: Our 5th Theodor Escherich & 2nd AMICI Joint Symposium 2018 took place!
    It was a great success!
  • FOTOS: Congratulations to the talk prize and the poster prize winners!


October 2018

  • WELCOME: Charlotte, our new PhD student arrived!
  • AWARD: Congratulations, Manuela, winner of the prestigious „For Women in Science“ stipendium from L’ORÉAL Austria, the Austrian UNESCO Commission and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. 


September 2018


  • CONFERENCE: Alex had a talk at Microbiome Science Days in Berchtesgaden. (FOTO1)
    Part of our group went to ÖGMBT in Vienna to present their work. Manuela gave a great talk!
    Christine attended the Europlanet Council meeting at the EPSC2018 in Berlin.
    Marcus and Alex presented their work at MboA in Vienna.
  • AWARD: Christina won a poster prize at ÖGMBT! Congratulations! (FOTO2)
  • TRAVELLING: Lisa and Kaisa took some cleanroomsamples in Germany.
    Christine gave a lecture at the Planetary Protection Course in Stuttgart.




August 2018


  • TRAVELLING: We went to ISME to present our work.
    Christine gave a seminar at the European Forum Alpbach „Microbial diversity vs. microbial control”
  • FOTO: (4) "contaminated hands" under UV light


July 2018


  • RETREAT: We had a nice strategy-meeting at Schloss Seggau which has taken us a few steps further towards our project aims. (FOTO1-3)
  • TRAVELLING: Kaisa and Lisa took some samples from a german cleanroom.
  • FOTO(4,5): The ORF gave us a visit again!




June 2018

Manuela went to the International Human Microbiome Congress in Ireland

RETREAT: Kaisa, Alex and Christine took part at the BioTechMed Retreat in Seeboden.




May 2018


  • PUBLICATION: Our new publication is out, a joint activity with Veronika Schöpf, KFU Graz: Interplay of probiotics and brain signatures.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Follow this link here to obtain information in German on the publication.
  • PUBLIC OUTREACH: Christine gives a lecture (in German) within the MINIMED lecture series on 24th of May 2018 at 6 pm. Follow this link for more information.
  • NOMINATION: Christine was nominated for the "Die Steirerin" Award in category "visionary"!
  • FOTO: Kaisa and Lisa went to a clean room to collect samples. 
  • EVENT/FOTO: We participated in the Businessmarathon-Event at Schwarzlsee!


April 2018


  • WELCOME: Jenni and Sirja from Finland are visiting uswithin the europlanet project.
  • Ibrahim is doing his Bachelor-internship in our lab!
  • Conference: Christine, Marcus and Christina were joining the VAAM-Congress in Wolfsburg to present their posters (FOTOS) and to get some new input about General and Applied Microbiology.
  • EVENT/FOTO: The PubQuiz "The human microbiome: mystical microcosmos", organized by Open Science at Office Pub was great fun!



March 2018


  • PUBLICATION/SCIENTIFIC OUTREACH: Christine contributed a VOICE piece in the new special issue of CELL about her excitement on Archaea. Link.
  • TEACHING: Kaisa travelled to Helsinki to give a lecture to demonstrate her teaching skills for the title of docent in microbiology. The title of docent (engl. Adjunct Professor) indicates that the person has extensive knowledge in his or her field, good teaching skills and the ability to conduct independent research. 




February 2018


  • WELCOME: Alexander, our new PostDoc and Daniela, our new MasterStudent joined the group!
  • Europlanet brings us Nikea, Martina, Daniele and Ilenia to our lab.
  • FOTO: Our microbes wish you a happy Valentine's Day! (first foto)
  • TEACHING: Christine gave a lecture for children at the Zoom children's museum in Vienna - "Ohne Bakterien geht es nicht"! (see fotos below) Follow this link for the kid's drawings of microbes
  • GOODBYE: The MASE project ended with a snowstorm in Edinburgh. Dear MASE-team members, we will miss you! (see last foto)


January 2018




December 2017



November 2017


October 2017


  • HIKING: We joined the MedUniGraz Schöcklwanderung. -> see more


September 2017

  • AWARD: Wohoo! Alexandra won the LIFE SCIENCE PHD AWARD AUSTRIA for her outstanding PhD thesis. Congratulations!!!
  • WELCOME: Master student Diana has joined us!
  • Rahela from Romania is here for a week within the europlanet project!
  • Timo from Karl-Franzens University is visiting our lab for a few weeks
  • EXCURSION: We enjoyed learning more about astronomy on our group trip to the observatory Auersbachtal.

July 2017

  • WELCOME: Our new intern Ines joined our group to support the Arbex project!
  • The Arbex-Wipes arrived! We hope for interesting results.
  • FOTO: Soo pretty! ISS isolate #1RA on plate 
  • Conference: Congratulations to Manuela who won the poster prize at the FEMS-congress in Spain!


June 2017

  • The ISS samples have been taken by astronauts today on 28th!
    We are looking forward to their delivery.
  • PUBLICATION: New publications on Archea & skin are out from MeduniGraz (press release, article) and from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • AWARD: Alexandra got the doctoral thesis award at the University of Regensburg for her dissertation “Grappling extremes: The biology and diversity of space-relevant microorganisms”
    - Congratulations!



May 2017



April 2017

  • Within the launch of Cygnus Cargoship (Orbital ATK flight OA-7) on April 18th our Arbex- Wipes took off to ISS.



March 2017



February 2017




January 2017

  • WELCOME: Ayo from Nigeria joined our group and will stay for half a year! Welcome!





November 2016

  • EVENT: On the 4th of November the 3rd Theodor Escherich symposium has taken place.
    It was again a very nice day with many interesting talks.
    We are very proud of Kaisa and Manuela who won the best talk prize/ 1st poster prize!


October 2016

  • PROJECT: Kaisa received a Start Funding Program grant from Medical University of Graz for her project ”Microbiome meets plasmidome – connecting pathogenic infection risk, healthy microbes, and environmental biodiveristy in a functional hospital setting”.
  • WELCOME: Jorge, an erasmus student from Spain is visiting us for two weeks 



September 2016

  • WELCOME: Atsuko, a student from Japan, is visiting us for a week.



August 2016

  • Petra is visiting us for a week.
  • Kaisa received research funding from Stadt Graz for her project ”Mikrobielle Übertragsungswege in Intensivstationen” (Microbial transfer at intensive care units).
  • Half of our group is going to attend ISME (16th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology) in Montreal. We are looking forward for new inputs!




July 2016

  • Alex won the 1st prize for her talk at summer academy! Congratulations!
  • Johannes is here for an internship for 4 weeks.
  • Cameras in our lab! Another movie is on the way.
  • PUBLICATION: Our new paper is out: Venturing into new realms? Microorganisms in space. (in FEMS Microbiol. Rev.)




June 2016

  • WELCOME: Michael and Martin from Aarhus, Denmark were here for two weeks within the europlanet project. We hope you got some interesting results! Thank you both!
  • Europlanet brings very interesting projects and people to us! We could share our lab with Karen from UK and Barbara from Italy for a few days. Nice to meet you!




May 2016

  • WELCOME: The europlanet project brought Stefan to our group for a week.
    Thank you for your visit!
  • AWARD: Congratulations to Michi Mauermeir who won the 2rd place of the ISC - (International Student Congress) science flash! 
  • PROJECT: Kaisa travelled to Italy to collect samples from a clean room.




April 2016

  • EVENT/FOTO: Our Lange Nacht der Forschung - exposition "Mikrobenalarm - Eine schrecklich nette Familie!"
    on 22nd of april was a huge success!
    More than 900 visitors got to learn more about microbes.

  • Look at the fotos of the evening!
  • Find more handprints of our visitors here!




March 2016




February 2016

  • WELCOME: Our new intern Mara has joined our group!




January 2016

  • WELCOME: Stefanie has joined our team!



December 2015

  • Our "Astrobiology and Space Medicine workshop" was a blast! Check it out here
  • Another visit from an ORF team in our laboratory! 





November 2015

  • Congratulations to Alexandra Perras, who won the 3rd poster price at the Theodor Escherich symposium!
  • Please check-out our newest press-release on the microbiome activities in Graz!





October 2015

  • WELCOME: Our team has a new member: Welcome Manuela!
  • PRESS-RELEASE: Please check-out our newest press-release on the healthy microbiome of plants!
  • AWARD: Congratulations to Max Mora for the Space Factor Contest Award, received at the EANA 2015 meeting in Noordwijk!




September 2015

  • WELCOME: International researchers: our facilities are now open for you! Come and visit our Center For Life Detection. Our new project was kicked-off in September: Europlanet.

  • Our team has a new member: Welcome Michi Mauermeir, Erasmus student from Regensburg!
  • TV Spot: Microbiome research on ORF2


 July 2015:

  •  Nächster Halt: Mars! Please check out the update on our space activities here.
  • Join us to our trip to Mars: The Mars mission simulation activity AMADEE-15 is the environment for our Glacier-MASE project.



June 2015:

  • Michael Beck won the 3rd place of the ISC - (International Student Congress) poster prize! Congratulations!


 April 2015:

  • Our new PostDoc has joined our group: Welcome Kaisa!!!




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