Center for Microbiome Research | Zentrum für Mikrobiomforschung

Medizinische Universität Graz

MIGRobeZ: Mikrobiominitiative Graz

Ziele und Projekte

Interactive microbiome research- Microbes for health

In our body, we are living together with thousands of microbes, which support our body in function, health and well-being. It is now our task to understand the molecular principles behind the complex interaction of microbes in, on and around us in order to optimize the function of the human/microbial community.To achieve this goal, we are currently streamlining the research groups from all three universities in Graz and have founded the:  



MIGrobeZ - Microbiome Initiative GraZ

Combining well-established and new expertise in diverse fields of microbiome research (human, plant, environment) we have now the opportunity to gather a more complete picture on the microbial world we are living in.

New center for top-class microbiome research

Interested investigators and research groups are highly welcome to join us!




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