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Medizinische Universität Graz

Technology Offers

You are looking for invovative technologies and know-how for business development and new business opportunities?

Select from our choice of protected technologies and further attractive cooperation offers.

Protected Technologies


Biomarker for better prediction concerning success of treatment with Cetuximab and/or Panitumumab of colorectal cancer patients.

Cell Culture

Unique bone tissue model including the developing growth plate.


The hamus filament represents a unique, highly complex but still stable structure (>70°C, pH 3-11), which is based on a simple self-assembling mechanism of one major protein: Cost-effective manufacturing in a large-scale amount and biodegradable nano-tool with versatile application.


Software controlled perfusion system that allows the performance of compleximaging protocols in a completely automated manner inmulti well formats. The system has been tested with complex protocols loading cells with chemical Ca2+ indicators such as fura-2directly on the microscope in the 96 wells and using geneticallyencoded NO• probes (geNOps).

Medical technology

Innovative storage and manipulation system for biological samples in cryogenic storage containers.

Contract research

Ex vivo System for Physiological Analyses of Materno-Fetal Transfer of Substances.

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