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Admission test and admission requirements 2020

Anyone interested in applying for admission to the graduate degree programme Human Medicine  (O 202) or Dental Medicine (O 203) must participate in the admission test. It is a multiple-choice-test taking place once a year in Graz and the test language is German. In addition to passing the admission test, German language proficiency at C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages is an admission requirement.

The Medical University of Graz provides applicants who do not have sufficient German language knowledge the possibility to attend a German language course as a special student in the “University Preparation Programme of Graz Universities” (“Vorstudienlehrgang der Grazer Universitäten und Hochschulen”)   to get a language certificate at C1 level. Medical University of Graz also accepts German language certificates at C1 level from other institutions (for example ÖSD, Goethe etc).

Both medical admission tests MedAT-H (for Human Medicine) and MedAT-Z (for Dental Medicine), consist of 4 parts, respectivelay. In both tests applicants will have to prove their knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at high-school level as well as basic cognitive abilities and skills as well as social and emotional skills. 

The MedAT-H test (Human Medicine) further comprises reading literacy and a text comprehension parts. The MedAT-Z test (Dental Medicine), on the other hand, further includes a manual skill test (especially wire bending and mirroring forms). Sample tests, a keyword list and a detailed description of the admission tests can be found online for free on our platform “Virtual Medical Campus”.

In order to qualify for the admission test, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled: The online registration for the admission test and the administrative fee to cover part of the costs for testing has to be completed between 2nd and 31st March 2020.

  • Online registration via our ANV-Webtool before the deadline of 31st March 2020
  • Paying the administrative fee via e-Payment
  • The admission test takes place on 14th August 2020 in the “Stadthalle Graz”.

All applicants qualifying for a place in the study programme through the admission test will be informed via e-mail about all necessary further steps for admission after the results of the test have been published.

For admission to the study programmes applicants also have to provide proof of the general university entrance qualification or the special university entrance qualification (for applicants from third – (non-EU)- countries).

  • Application form (EU and Non EU)
  • CV
  • Copy of the passport
  • Original high school leaving certificate (upper secondary school leaving certificate with all exams and grades)
  • Original high school leaving certificate with all grades of the final year

Additional requirements for applicants from third country (non-EU) citizens - Proof of the special university entrance qualification:

In addition to the general university entrance qualification, third country citizens have to attach a proof of admission. It has to be issued for the proposed academic year by an officially accredited university of the same country that issued the general university entrance qualification. More information




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