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Affected rights

Data subjects at the Med.Uni. Graz are:


As per the GDPR, the data subjects have a right to information (Art. 15), a right to rectification (Art. 16), a right to deletion (Art. 17), a right to restriction on processing (Art. 18), a right to data portability (Art. 20) and a right to opt-out (Art. 21).


Requests are generally to be made in written form incl. more detailed information by e-mail or by mail to the specified contact details. At the Medizinischen Universität of Graz, these rights of data subjects can be exercised as follows: We point out your obligation to cooperate in the application for a request for information. Therefore, we kindly ask you to tell us in what context (e.g. employees, students, applicants, etc.) or which processed data or what information your request for information relates to.


Employees and students can use the e-mail address of Med. Uni. Graz (no information about special categories of personal data, such as health data, faith, etc.) to make their request. In all other cases, proof of identity in the form of an official photo identification is necessary.



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