Diagnostic & Research Center for Molecular BioMedicine

Molekulare und digitale Pathologie

Research focus
  • Role of p62 and keratin in liver disease
  • Improving reliability of molecular analyses
  • Machine learning in digital pathology
Most exciting results
  • Discovery of novel mechanisms of tumor heterogeneity
  • Demonstration of ageing of biomolecules in FFPE samples
  • Establishment of high throughput digitalization workflow
  • Coordination of H2020 Project on NGS in medical diagnostics
  • Development of ISO Standards for Molecular Diagnostics
Publications (2018/2019)
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  • Hämäläinen, I; Törnwall, O; Simell, B; Zatloukal, K; Perola, M; van Ommen, GB
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  • Safari, Z; Monnoye, M; Abuja, PM; Mariadassou, M; Kashofer, K; Gérard, P; Zatloukal, K
    Steatosis and gut microbiota dysbiosis induced by high-fat diet are reversed by 1-week chow diet administration.
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Future plans
  • New methods for training of machine learning algorithms
  • K-Project proposal „Digital health and AI in medicine“
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  • VMC Moodle
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