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Dual Career Service
Succeeding together

Career, partnership, family, and mobility - the Dual Career Service center at the Medical University of Graz can help you in all these areas.

An integral part of the center is the Dual Career Network Styria-Carinthia. Through this network and the Dual Career Service centers established at each university, the six universities in Styria and Carinthia are always ready to assist you. These universities work together as a network to create and make the most of synergies.

The partners of professors, young researchers, artists, and administrators are assisted as they make decisions about mobility and develop individual solutions. In personal advising sessions, job opportunities are presented and contact with potential employers is established, thereby creating the optimal conditions for accessing the job market. Though we cannot guarantee you a job, research position, or child care, information is also provided on topics such as registration, accommodation, schooling, and child care.

Along with Welcome Center of the Medical University of GrazCLUB INTERNATIONAL (CINT), the Center of Excellence and Service for Expatriates and Their Families in Styria, and the CARINTHIAN INTERNATIONAL CLUB (CIC) in Carinthia, we see to it that you quickly gain a foothold in your new environment.


In June 2010, the five Styrian universities signed a letter of intent concerning "Dual Career Service," thus becoming the first universities in Austria to facilitate and promote dual careers. In 2018 the network expanded to include the University of Klagenfurt.

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