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Speech/Language Acquisition and Literacy Development

During the first year of life infants develop the neural capacity, perceptual capabilities and the vocal behaviour that prepares them for speech. Babbling begins at about seven months of age. The sound patterns of the infant’s first words closely resemble babbling. By about one year of age, the average child speaks at least one word, follows at least one of the one-step commands unaccompanied by gestural cues and uses index finger pointing to indicate desired objects.

Considering the immense complexity of language acquisition, it is not surprising to note that the onset of word production is delayed in 10-14% of children. As half of these children will catch up with their peers within a year or so, clinicians and researchers hesitate to use the term language impaired in connection with these children. Instead, they are labelled late talkers. At 24 months, late talkers speak some 50 words or even less and do not yet combine them. Usually, they are identified by scoring in the lowest 10% on Communicative Development Inventories (CDIs), one of the most frequently used parental report forms to document early vocabulary acquisition.

Around 7% of late talkers develop specific language impairments at the age of 5 years, and are likely to develop reading, writing, behavioural, social, and schooling problems later on.


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