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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I get my ticket and how do I pay for it?

The registration will open in November. The payment process will start later on. The prices for Early-Bird tickets will be 40€ for active and passive participants. Once the registration in conftool is open, it will guide you through the payment progress. We accept bank transfer and PayPal.

2. Do you offer housing or accommodations?

Sadly, we won’t be able to offer student hosts this year due to great difficulties with the homestay program in the past years. On our website however there is a list with Hostels and Hotels in Graz. Since Graz is a student town, we strongly recommend as well.

3. Can I still submit my abstract?

After the abstract submission period, you can not submit any further abstracts.

4. I did not hand in an abstract, can I still take part in the event?

Yes, you can. We are always happy to welcome passive participants. As a PP you will be allowed to take part in all lectures, workshops and precourses as well as presenting sessions – just like the APs. The only difference will be that you will not present any work of your own, thence the name "passive participant", but in terms of social program, workshops, pre purses and lectures we very much encourage you to be active!

5. Can I change my presentation from poster to oral or vice versa?

No, you cannot. We have a very complex rating system for abstracts and believe that the way of presentation that you have been offered will be the best for your work. Therefore we cannot change your presentation from poster to oral or vice versa.

6. Can the co-authors and I present our work together?

Sadly, no. Since the presenting time is very limited, only one of you will be allowed to present (usually the first author, but that decision is up to you).

7. Do you provide financial aid or travel grants?

We are a student run organisation and therefore our budget is limited. We cannot provide any financial aid for travel costs or housing. But, we do keep the ticket prices on a minimum, since we know that all of you are students, too. There will be one meal per day provided for you at the congress, which is included in the ticket price!

8. I need an invitation letter in order to apply for a Visa. How can I get one?

Please make sure your personal details are correct and complete in the conftool database. Then write a short email to (subject: Invitation Letter) and we will provide you with a Invitation letter. Please note that we are working as fast as we can, but it is up to you to make sure you apply for a Visa in time. Every bureaucratical process takes its time, especially Visa Applications! Also, experience from the last years has shown invitation letters do not guarantee that you will be granted a Visa. Please be aware of our legal limitations in helping you with a Visa.

9. I already paid for my ticket, but I won’t be able to attend the congress. Do I get my money back?

If you cannot attend the congress, please let us know by writing a short email. If you cancel before April 20th 2020, we will be able to refund the money to your account. If you have to cancel after this, we are very sorry, but will not be able to give you a refund.

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