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SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS Seminar and Guest Speaker Series

The SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS aims to attract outside visitors for lectures to reinforce knowledge exchange within the international scientific community. The guest speaker series will start in autumn 2019 to facilitate and encourage external collaborations and to provide possibilities for scientific interaction for PIs, team members and students.
Intervall: usually every first Thursday of the month, 14:00 (2:00 pm)

Upcoming Guest Lectures:

DateTitle, Speaker

Dec. 5, 2019


Title to be announced
by Dr. Peter Greimel
RIKEN and the University of Sains Malaysia (USM) Joint Research Center, Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics, Saitama, JAPAN
05:00 p.m., SR 44:32 (Humboldtstr. 48/3rd floor), KFU

Feb. 6, 2020


Functional lipidomics - a molecular perspective on cellular lipid biochemistry
by Dr. Christer Ejsing
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Time and venue: to be announced

Archive Guest Lectures:

DateTitle, Speaker

Oct. 8, 2019
lecture within the Biophysics Seminar


Structure of proteins at the lipid membrane: The KRas / Raf1 complex
by Dr. Frank Heinrich
Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA and NIST Center for Neutron Research, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
11:30 a.m., Workstation Room (Humboldtstr. 48/3rd floor), KFU

Oct. 3, 2019


Two contrasting examples of protein-lipid interactions in the cell
by Dr. Alenka Copic
L'Institut Jacques Monod/CNRS; Paris, France
02:00 p.m., SR 44.31 (Humboldtstr. 48/3rd floor), KFU

Aug. 6, 2019
lecture within the DK-MCD

Systems biology approaches to understand liver lipid metabolism
by Prof. Dr. Thomas Vallim
Department of Biological Chemistry & Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
04:00 p.m., MC1.G.01.005 (Seminar room 01 - Applied Biomedicine; MED Campus, tract G, 1st floor), MUG

Jul. 17, 2019


The phase of fat-mechanisms and physiology of fat storage
by Prof. Dr. Tobias Walther
Professor of Genetics and Complex Diseases (Harvard T.H. Chan SPH), Professor of Cell Biology, HHMI Investigator
11:00 a.m., SR 44.31 (Humboldtstr. 48/3rd floor), KFU



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