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Admission requirements

Admission requirements The completion of a degree program in (human) medicine or dental medicine or of a related life science or engineer diploma/Master’s program is required for admission to the Doctoral Degree Program in Medical Science.

As outlined in paragraph 2 of the curriculum, admission may also be granted if an equivalent degree program has been completed at a recognized Austrian or foreign tertiary educational institution. The equivalence shall be determined by the Vice Rector of Studies and Teaching during the admission process.

Postgraduate (degree program) courses are not regarded as adequate admission requirements.

If you are not sure if your diploma/Master’s study program meets the requirements for admission to the Doctoral Degree Program in Medical Science, you can send us your graduation documents and transcript of records for a beforehand check.

Persons who fulfil the admission requirements shall be entitled to apply for one of the advertised dissertation topics within the framework of the Doctoral Schools. The Dean of Doctoral Studies shall award the topic to the applicant, based on the recommendation made by the faculty of the respective Doctoral School.

- Advice:

Admission to the Doctoral Degree Program in Medical Science will become effective only after the review of the admission requirements have been completed and the dissertation agreement has been signed by all persons concerned (including the Dean).


- Compliance with the admission requirements is reviewed as follows:
The Application for admission (Formular Ansuchen um Zulassung) to the Doctoral Degree Program in Medical Science must be filled in and submitted with the proof of completion of a relevant diploma/Master’s study program.


When applying for admission, students must present the completed and signed dissertation agreement defining the Disssertation Committee which consists of at least three persons and which will be headed by a supervisor. One member must be from outside the institute or clinical department where the work will be performed. Two members (in any case the supervisor) of the Committee must have a venia legendi; the other members shall hold a doctoral degree.

The topic of the doctoral thesis must be taken from a field/subfield that is represented in at least one institute/clinical department of the Medical University of Graz You can find the available topics in the list of available thesis’ topics (mugthesis).


The dissertation topic selected must be stated in the form Registration of a doctoral thesis/doctoral thesis agreement form (Dissertationsvereinbarung), which must then be submitted together with the completed form “Application for Admission to the Doctoral Degree Program in Medical Science” to the Department of Admission and Student Affairs. The signature of the Dean of Doctoral Studies will be obtained by the officers in charge – please be aware that this may take a certain number of working days.

Please note that the form “Thesis Registration/Dissertation Agreement” cannot be accepted if the dissertation topic has not been selected from the list of available thesis’ topics (mugthesis). Compliance with this requirement will be reviewed by the Department of Admission and Student Affairs!

Both forms and the required documents must be sent by (house) post or submitted in person to the following address:

Department of Admissions and Student Affairs
Harrachgasse 21/2
8010 Graz



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