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Every form of performance assessment (including participation in a course with continual assessment, e.g. exercises, seminars) is considered an examination and can be repeated four times.

Taking examinations

Examinations can only be taken in study programmes run at Med Uni Graz. If you deregister from a study programme, your right to be admitted to examinations in this study programme at the University therefore expires.

Entitlement to take examinations during admission

Successful reregistration for a particular study programme and semester is also valid during the general admission period and the additional admission period of the following semester if you have not been deregistered from the study programme (if your registration has not been terminated). During this period, you are therefore still entitled to take partial examinations for the diploma and the thesis defence, examinations before a committee and examinations for courses that were available in a semester with reregistration. Theses can also be submitted and approbated.



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