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Research: COVID-19

The Medical University of Graz as a competent partner for COVID-19 research

Med Uni Graz as partner for COVID-19 research

The Medical University of Graz, Austria, will gladly collaborate both with industry and academic research institutions as a competent partner for COVID-19 research and clinical testing. This includes both the co-development and lab testing of in vitro diagnostics and drugs as well as clinical trials.

Med Uni Graz not only has the necessary special expertise but runs contemporary high containment cell culture labs, animal facilities and a dissecting room all on the biological safety level (BSL) 3. The LKH-University Hospital Graz is part of the first line clinical centers for COVID-19 patients in the province of Styria. The newly opened COVID-19 emergency department and the primed isolation wards provide ideal opportunities for clinical trials of any phase.

As a university trial center, we have ample experience with clinical trials for medications, medical products etc. Central service facilities like the Coordination Center for Clinical Trails and the Research Management Services at Med Uni Graz will gladly identify the right researchers at our institution and put you in contact with them.

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