The GENDER:UNIT was established at our university to coordinate the areas gender equality, advancement of women and diversity management. It offers a variety of services that aim to achieve equal working and living conditions for members of the university community. A wide range of professional development courses and coaching provide comprehensive education and information in the university sector.

Responsibilities and services


Projects and education

  • Information and advising on the topics gender and diversity
  • Gender mainstreaming projects such as gender budgeting (taking aspects of gender into account in budgeting) at Med Uni Graz
  • Gender controlling projects such as collecting statistics on gender distribution at Med Uni Graz (blickpunkt:gender)
  • In-house library whose collection includes all GENDER:UNIT areas
  • Focus on "sex- and gender-sensitive medicine"

Professional development and coaching

  • Specific measures for the advancement of women such as scholarships and coaching
  • Special career-enhancing professional development opportunities for women, career programs for female scientists and support with research applications
  • Internal professional development opportunities on gender and diversity


  • Childcare opportunities for members of the university community
  • Service center for the promotion of family-friendly policies and reconciliation of university and job/studies
  • Service center for people with disabilities and/or chronic diseases providing information, courses and counseling on the topic work and disability
  • Counseling and information on caregiving

Networks and promotion

  • Cooperation and networking with other universities and institutions
  • Promotion of women's networks
  • Support and promotion of gender-sensitive medicine and research
  • Promotion of theses and dissertations on topics related to gender

Head of OU

Verena Chiara Kuckenberger 
T: +43 316 385 72056