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Welcome to the PhD Program "Inflammatory Disorders in Pregnancy"

The Doctoral Programme
“Inflammatory Disorders in Pregnancy”

Every day, approximately 830 women worldwide die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth (WHO, 2016). Increased maternal morbidity and mortality is directly associated with complicated pregnancies and most adverse pregnancy outcomes can trace their origin to the placenta. In addition inflamation in conjunction with the immune system plays a significant role during pregnancy.

The research project "Inflammatory Disorders in Pregnancy" (DP-iDP) aims to provide a comprehensive array of approaches to methodologically analyze the interplay between pregnancy, inflamation and the placenta in maternal and fetal diseases. Especially disorders like diabetes, obesity, preeclampsia or fetal growth restriction are associated with placental inflammation and are closely examined.

The DP-iDP includes a variety of experts in the field of clinical research, molecular biology as well as sport science. Thanks to its interdisciplinary and translational approach to inflammatory conditions in pregnancy, the DP-iDP provides a novel and promising attempt to the understand and better treat a variety of pregnancy-related disorders.

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