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DP-iDP goes public…


Together with representatives of Politics, Industry and the Public, the DP-iDP celebrated its launch at the Aula of the Medical University Graz.

"The Medical University Graz is proud to welcome the new doctoral program”

This was the message delivered by Vice-Rector Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Leithner to students and the Faculty of the DP-iDP as well as to invited guests at the official Kick-Off event for the DP-iDP. To underline the great importance of research in the field of pregnancy, Prof. Leithner also handed over the current issue of “Nature Magazine” featuring the cover story “Secrets of Pregnancy”.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josej Smolle, member of the Austrian National Council as well as Univ.-Prof. Dr. Daisy Kopera, member of the municipal council of Graz followed Prof Leithner in delivered words of greetings to the DP-iDP as well.

Subsequently, Assoz. Prof. PD Mag. Dr. Christian Wadsack, speaker of the DP-iDP introduced the backgrounds and aims of the DP-iDP.

A discussion about the purposes and benefits of doctoral education concluded the formal part of the Kick-Off event. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Holzer, dean for doctoral studies moderated the round table. He was joined by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dagmar Kratky, professor of Biochemistry, Dr. Christine Jäger, representative of AMGEN Austria, and Dr. Andreas Reinisch, Alumni of the PhD study at the Medical University Graz.

The formal part of the DP-iDP Kick-Off event concluded with a short buffet break. In the afternoon, the second part of the Kick-Off event then featured a short presentation of all 14 projects of the DP-iDP. Students together with their PIs gave insights into the foundation of their project and the work plan for the next four years.

Prof. Udo Markert, head of the Placenta Lab at Universitätsklinikum Jena then concluded the scientific part of the Kick-Off event by giving a guest lecture with the title „The human placenta – the immune system at the fetomaternal interface“

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