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Medical University of Graz

Meekha George, M.Sc.


Otto Loewi Research Center for Vascular Biology, Immunology and Inflammation, Chair of Pathophysiology and Immunology, Medical University of Graz, Heinrichstraße 31a, A-8010 Graz; phone: +43-316-380 1955, fax: +43-316-380 9640, ✉ e-mail

Project Title

Nuclear Receptors regulating metabolism and inflammatory mediators in endothelial cells

Dissertation Comitee

Supervisor: Ute Panzenboeck

CO-Supervisor: Robert Zimmermann

CO-Supervisor: Christian Wadsack

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Born in:




University education:



PhD program DP-iDP, Medical University of Graz, Austria




Junior Research Fellow, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum, India




Integrated BS-MS dual degree , Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Kolkata, India
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