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Welcome to the PhD Program in Molecular Medicine


The Medical University of Graz offers a PhD Program in Molecular Medicine. The program provides cutting-edge education with respect to the molecular basis of human diseases and therapeutics. The thesis projects focus on various aspects of metabolic diseases, inflammation, and cancer and integrate basic, applied and clinical sciences, as well as a wide spectrum of experimental techniques.

Admitted PhD students receive funding for three years. Applicants must hold a Master´s degree or equivalent in Medicine, Chemistry or Life Sciences. English is the language used for teaching, communication and writing of the Thesis and thus, excellent English skills are required. 


  • Prof. Akos Heinemann

Deputy Speakers

  • Prof. Christian Wadsack
  • Prof. Heinz Sill


  • Piyush Gajananrao Gampawar, MSc.
  • Anirudh Subramanian Muralikrishnan, MSc.
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