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The MOLMED training program

The curriculum of PhD Studies of the MUG regulates the number of required hours of formal teaching. As such, PhD programs have to deliver 28 SWH of lectures, seminars, and practical courses to the PhD students within the study period. The MOLMED training program has been set up in a way that these hours are filled with life, much to the benefit of the students and the scientific goals of the participating laboratories. They are perceived as the spice rather than the wearying part of students’ every-day lives.

After completion of their studies in the PhD Program MOLMED, students will have achieved the following common training goals: 

  • Exceptional knowledge in immunology, molecular and cell biology, physiology and pharmacology 
  • Understanding of cell metabolism, principles of signal transduction, and genetics in human cell systems and murine models 
  • Biomedical research concepts in the area of metabolism, inflammation, cancer, and vascular biology 
  • Basic concepts in pathology, pathophysiology and microbiology 
  • Overview of the pathogenesis, diagnostics and therapeutic approaches of major diseases of the skin, the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, bone and cartilage and the nervous system 
  • Ethical issues in basic and clinical research, and Good Scientific and Clinical Practice 
  • Gender and diversity aspects in biomedical science


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