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Assoz. Prof. techn. Ruth Birner-Grünberger

Ruth BIRNER-GRUENBERGER is a biochemist with extensive scientific experience in lipid metabolism, mass spectrometry and proteomics. In recent years she has developed activity-based proteomic tools and applied them together with posttranslational modification proteomics and metabolomics for exploring the role of lipases and their regulation in the modulation of lipid metabolism in health and disease. Currently, her focus is to unravel the molecular networks involved in regulation of lipid metabolism and elucidate the role of lipid metabolism in cancer aggressiveness. Ruth Birner-Gruenberger is Associate Professor at the Institute of Pathology where she heads the Research Unit “Functional Proteomics and Metabolic Pathways”, the Speaker of the Omics Center Graz (, a key researcher of the Austrian Center of Biotechnology-ACIB ( and a faculty member of the FWF-funded DK “Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease-DK-MCD” (

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