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Univ.-Prof. Akos Heinemann

Akos HEINEMANN is an immunopharmacologist who focuses his research on the regulation of leukocyte trafficking as a fundamental principle of tissue inflammation. In recent years he has explored the role of chemokines and eicosanoids in the modulation of immune cell function and has characterized a panel of novel pharmacological tools that served as starting points for the clinical development of anti-inflammatory drugs. His primary aim is to characterize novel mediators and pathways that regulate the function and interaction of endothelial cells, granulocytes and macrophages, and might hence serve as promising therapeutic targets for inflammation including allergy in the respiratory tract. Akos Heinemann is the Speaker of MOLMED. He is Chairman of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology at the MUG and Speaker of the FWF-funded DK “Molecular Fundamentals of Inflammation - MOLIN” (

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