Sustainable living. learning. researching habil.rer.nat. Christine Moissl-Eichinger

Christine MOISSL-EICHINGER is a microbiologist and since September 2014 BioTechMed professor for “interactive microbiome research” at the Medical University Graz. She is particularly interested in the interaction of the human microbiome with our close, biotic and abiotic environment and the impact of the human-associated microbes on health and well-being. She has a long expertise in the microbial analyses of indoor environments, such as intensive care units or space-craft associated clean rooms. Her interest in indoor microbiology is not restricted to terrestrial environments: In a current project, she and her team will analyse the microbial community of the International Space Station ISS. Her particular focus is on special members of the (human) microbiome- including hard-to-cultivate microorganisms (e.g. extremely oxygen-sensitive microbes) but also the so-called Archaea, a wide-spread but hardly recognized and distinct group of microorganisms.

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