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Univ.-Ass. Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.Rainer Schindl

Rainer SCHINDL investigates ion-channel function and its role in signal transduction and gene regulation. His research focuses on the molecular mechanism of store-operated calcium channels, which turned out to play central roles in immune function as well as in excitable cells. With his team he combines functional live cell techniques, including electrophysiology and fluorescence microscopy, with mutagenesis studies, along with collaborative work on NMR and molecular dynamics simulations. In addition, he investigates organic semiconductors for electrophysiological cell stimulations. Organic pigment semiconductors shaped in 3D are excited by light that are in direct contact with a single living cells. The long term goal is to stimulate neuronal signaling in the retina as well as in the brain to recover neuronal firing by a local and spatial defined light pulse.

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