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PI: Corina Madreiter-Sokolowski

Focus: The junior group of Corina Madreiter-Sokolowski investigates in cooperation with the research team of Wolfgang Graier age-associated alterations using various in vitro aging models and Caenorhabditis elegans. The research focuses on the alteration of mitochondrial calcium homeostasis during aging and its impact on cellular metabolism, ROS homeostasis, and intracellular signaling. Thereby, the group aims to identify novel targets and suitable compounds to counteract the development and progression of age-related diseases.

Network: We cooperate internationally with Jesse Hay (University of Montana, USA), Pidder Jansen-Dürr (University Innsbruck, Austria), Michael Ristow (ETH Zurich), Markus Schosserer (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria). Internally at the university, we work with Wolfgang Graier, Dagmar Kratky, Tobias Madl and Roland Malli (all Gottfried Schatz Research Center).




The role of mitochondrial calcium homeostasis in the aging process

  • Part of the Erwin Schrödinger project was to investigate the impact of mitochondrial calcium and ROS homeostasis on the aging process of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans in the laboratory of Michael Ristow at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. The fellowship's return phase is devoted to establishing a functional Caenorhabditis elegans research unit at the Gottfried Schatz Research Center to analyze age-related subcellular changes using fluorescence microscopy in an in vivo aging model.
  • Funded by: FWF
  • Project partners: Wolfgang Graier, Michael Ristow

Division of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Mag.a
Corina Madreiter-Sokolowski,  PhD
T: +43 316 385 71948



Team Madreiter-Sokolowski