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Cell Culture Basic Course

24.04.2018 09:00 - 25.04.2018 17:00

anmeldepflichtig! (Anmeldung bis: 05.04.2018 23:00) kostenpflichtig!

Cell Culture basic course 3Rs in practice

Cell Culture basic course provides an introduction to cell culture, covering topics such as laboratory setup, aseptic techniques and safety aspects. You'll also find basic methods for passaging adherend cells, handling with suspension cells, freezing/thawing and cell counting. The theoretical part includes: routine methods in cell culture, culture media and ingredients, cell counting and various viability assays (e.g xCELLigence real time cell monitoring). The practical part includes: sterile working techniques, enzymatic digestion, freezing, and thawing of cells. Teaching and learning method: 40% lecture and 60% interactive Languages of instruction: English or German Target audience: PhD students, technicians and researchers Entrance qualifications: no previous cell culture experience or little cell culture experience Costs: 300 Euro (University)/ 600 Euro (Company) Registration: (deadline: April, 6th 2018) As the number of participants is limited (min. 3 and max. 8), please register early to confirm your seat!

Veranstaltungsort: ZMF, Semianrraum EG 087, Stiftingtalstraße 24, 8010 Graz

Organizer: Dr. Christian Gülly

Martina Plevnjak


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