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Personalized Medicine

24.11.2020 16:30 - 17:30

Webinar: Public perspectives on the donation and sharing of genomic and health information: findings of a global study

Webseminarreihe der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für personalisierte Medizin (ÖPPM)


Dr. Richard Milne: In this talk, I discuss the importance of public and patient perspectives in the development of genomic medicine, and present the findings of the Your DNA, Your Say study. Your DNA, Your Say is a survey of public attitudes towards the donation and sharing of genomic and health data, including 37,000 responses in 15 languages across 22 countries. I present the findings of the study in relation to people’s willingness to donate data about them for clinical and research use, and examine how this is influenced by their familiarity with genetics, their views of genetic information and their trust in those responsible for collecting and managing data.

Speaker: Dr. Richard Milne (Wellcome Genome Campus)

Chair: Univ. Mag.a Barbara Prainsack (Department of Political Science, Vienna, Austria)




Veranstaltungsort: Webinar

Organizer: ÖPPM

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