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Temporary stays at the Medical University of Graz

Opportunities for research stays, observerships, and doctoral programs at the Medical University of Graz

Important note: The Medical University of Graz does not cooperate with any agents, middlemen, negotiators, intermediaries etc. in connection with the organisation or execution of observerships, PhD/doctoral programs, research stays or other programs. If you are interested in a stay at the Medical University of Graz or if you have further questions please use directly the contact information given below.

PhD Programs (in English):

Students are invited to apply for paid PhD positions during annual calls. For further information please visit the web-site or contact the office of the Dean of Doctoral Studies (doktoratsstudien(at), Tel +43/316/385-71630; Fax: +43/316/ 385-72058).

Doctoral Studies in Medical Sciences (usually in German):

This program includes paid positions for some students depending on the respective project. Students can also enrol if they bring their own funding (e.g. fellowships). For further information please visit or contact Ms Miriam Sedej(miriam.sedej(at), Tel +43/316/385-71630).

Observerships, clinical clerkships, training stays:

These programs do NOT include an employment status. For further information and for accessing the application form please visit or contact Ms Eva Weixler, observership(at), Tel +43/316/385-71628

Participation in undergraduate exchange programs:

For information about undergraduate exchange programs please visit

Guest researchers (no employment):

- If you already have a contact person at the Medical University who has agreed to host you, please
1) complete the registration form (see below),
2) attach the contact persons invitation and
3) send both documents to welcomecenter(at)

- If you do not yet have a contact person at the Medical University of Graz, please
1) visit our research database to search for a suitable host for your research interests:

2) Contact the person/researcher you want to be your host at the Medical University of Graz, obtain his/her approval and arrange the details for your stay
3) Then complete the registration form (including the name of the potential host) and
4) send it to welcomecenter(at)

(step 3 and 4 can also be done right after your arrival in Graz)

The registration form can be downloaded here

Important: Visa/Health insurance/nationals of third countries (non-EU-countries)

Please note that all nationals of third countries who will stay longer than 6 months in Austria have to provide a proof of a valid health insurance providing benefits in Austria and covering all risks! Most common travel health insurances DON’T provide the required health insurance coverage for Austria! If your health insurance is insufficient you will have to buy a private health insurance in Austria which can be very expensive! Please contact the Austrian Embassy for further details!

General funding opportunities for research and training stays in Austria:

Please consult the database of the Austrian Academic Exchange Service at

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