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Educational Measurement und Participatory Design

The Medical University of Graz uses e-learning in numerous ways: Preparation for the medical admission test, enrichment of pre-clinical and clinical contents, and blended learning in the clinical phases of the curriculum. Finally, a completely virtual postgraduate course is delivered by e-learning.

The project "Educational Measurement and Participatory Design" integrates the students in the development of medical e-learning. During elective courses the students participate in didactic experiments. In these experiments, students learn clinically relevant topics by means of different e-learning formats. Subsequently, the learning effectiveness and the personal experience of the students are evaluated. The students acquire new insights into the possibilities of e-learning and become familiar with their personal preferences. In turn, the e-teachers gain significant feedback on the utility of their e-learning material.

Participatory design in particular has been implemented in order to overcome the bias which might be inherent to the e-learning strategies offered by the teachers. It turned out that the students are highly creative in generating e-learning content on their own, and the role of the teachers can be focused on scientific supervision of the emerging content. Furthermore, the point of view the students provide is an invaluable factor in driving content development according to the needs of the target population.

The results of the project are distributed within the teaching community. They provide an evidence-based approach to decision-making concerning future e-learning strategies. The qualitative and quantitative evaluations are regularly presented in international meetings, and published in scientific journals. Thus the project generates a vivid and fruitful discussion within the international medical and e-learning community.

Contact: Josef Smolle
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