Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation, Medical University of Graz


At the IMI, the methods and tools of Medical Informatics and Biostatistics, which are necessary in patient support, clinical research and education, are spotlighted. As a result, the fields of research arise from problems found in medicine and encompass, within the range of Medical Informatics:

  • Image processing in medicine
  • Biomedical Terminologies, Classifications and Ontologies
  • Data protection in research and education
  • Analysis of natural language in the Electronic Health Record (Text Mining)
  • Clinical bioinformatics
  • Medical information systems, particularly distributed systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering (HCI & UE) in medicine
  • Telemedicine and eHealth
  • Knowledge development in medical data bases

Current fields of activity in Biostatistics are:

  • Statistical methods in clinical trials
  • Evaluation of diagnostic measures
  • Clinical-epidemiological studies and registration
  • Meta analysis
  • Longitudinal data and time series analysis
  • Functional data and growth curve analysis
  • Statistical methods in bioinformatics and biocomputing
  • Genetic epidemiology

The field "New Media in Medical Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Processing" is occupied with new educational methods, in particular with the Virtual Medical Campus (VMC).

The following three Research Units are established at the IMI:

The following is a selection of projects from the fields of:

A list of the publications of the Institute's members can be viewed via the Research Portal of the Medical University of Graz.

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