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Statistical Consulting

The Institute provides statistical consulting every Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00. We offer consulting for planning and analysis of clinical trials as well as for any statistical problem related to a research project. The service is available to staff members of the Medical University of Graz. It is essential to make an appointment. In order to be able to advise effectively, please complete the following form [PDF, German only, 33 kB] and take it with you to the first consultancy session. Please note that the Institute also offers various courses on statistical methods and software. Students of the Medical University of Graz get assistance concerning statistical aspects of their diploma thesis within the Methodic Seminar for Biostatistics.

Prof. Andrea Berghold
Tel.: +43.316.385-13201
        Alexander Avian
Tel.: +43.316.385-17873
        Magdalena Holter
Tel.: +43.316.385-13203
Petra Ofner-Kopeinig
Tel.: +43.316.385-13588
        Gudrun Pregartner
Tel.: +43.316.385-14297
        Franz Quehenberger
Tel.: +43.316.385-17872
Regina Riedl
Tel.: +43.316.385-17874
        Gerold Schwantzer
Tel.: +43.316.385-17874

Randomization for Clinical Trials

For randomization in clinical trials, we have developed a web-based application - the Randomizer. For more information about this service, as well as a demo version of the application, please visit This service is free of charge for academic trials within the Medical University of Graz.


Regina Riedl
Tel.: +43.316.385-17874

Data Management for Clinical Trials

For the data management of prospective clinical trials, we offer the following solutions:

  • Clincase is a web-based, 21 CFR 11-compliant Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system for multicenter clinical trials. We operate Clincase at the Medical University of Graz and also offer support with eCRF design, plausibility and consistency checks, reports, data export, trial validation, and user administration - provided Clincase is being used for the study in question.
  • ArchiMed-RDA is a system for enhanced scientific medical documentation. It can be used for data acquisition purposes, especially those concerning epidemiological trials at the Medical University. ArchiMed-RDA is available from within the LKH University Hospital. Our service encompasses support regarding data export and the creation of database forms.
  • We can also provide individualized Microsoft Access databases for clinical trials.
Gerhard Bachmaier
Tel.: +43.316.385-12688
        Erich Schmiedberger
Tel.: +43.316.385-17876

Data Extraction and Reporting

Our service comprises extraction, transformation, and aggregation of scientific data from clinical information systems with regard to scientific questions. We provide reports and/or data sets, which we can make available either individually or via the *Med-Report Portal *).

*) Only accessible over the LKH University Clinic's Intranet

Andreas Kainz
*Med-Report Portal
Tel.: +43.316.385-81374
        Astrid Mandl-Pohl
Tel.: +43.316.385-17886
        Andrea Schlemmer
Tel.: +43.316.385-84716
        Gerit Wünsch
*Med-Report Portal
Tel.: +43.316.385-86939

iMAGIC Multimedia Database

We offer support in installing and using the iMAGIC multimedia database for scientific purposes. In this database, pictures, videos, lectures and training documents can be filed. In addition, there is the possibility to import scientifically relevant (proper anonymized) images from the patient database.

Access to this database is restricted to physicians and scientific staff at the LKH University Hospital Graz.

Manuela Haid
Tel.: +43.316.385-84518
        Annemarie Nußmüller
Tel.: +43.316.385-82980
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