Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation, Medical University of Graz


Name Floor-
Tel. No.
Head of the Institute
BERGHOLD, Andrea, Professor 05-120 385-13202 Send eMail to Andrea Berghold
KRÖLL, Gabriele; Student Affairs 03-090 385-12980 Send eMail to Gabriele Kröll
MASAREI, Bettina; Information Services, Webmaster 05-050 385-12512 Send eMail to Bettina Masarei
NUSSMÜLLER, Annemarie; Student Affairs 03-090 385-12980 Send eMail to Annemarie Nußmüller
REICHER, Astrid; Head Office 05-110 385-83201 Send eMail to Astrid Reicher
SIMON, Stephanie; Head Office 05-110 385-13201 Send eMail to Stephanie Simon
STROBL, Brigitte; Head Office 05-110 385-83201 Send eMail to Brigitte Strobl
Scientific and Technical Staff
ACKERL, Siegfried 05-160 385-17875 Send eMail to Siegfried Ackerl
AVIAN, Alexander 05-150 385-17873 Send eMail to Alexander Avian
BACHMAIER, Gerhard 05-220 385-12688 Send eMail to Gerhard Bachmaier
BLOICE, Marcus 05-190 385-13589 Send eMail to Marcus Bloice
BORENICH, Andrea 05-140 385-13205 Send eMail to Andrea Borenich
DORN, Andreas 03-070 385-17879 Send eMail to Andreas Dorn
ERRATH, Maximilian 05-240 385-81828 Send eMail to Maximilian Errath
GELL, Günther, Professor (emeritus) 05-130 385-14297 Send eMail to Günther Gell
HASHEMIAN NIK, David (Student Assistant)     Send eMail to David Hashemian Nik
HAAS, Josef, Associate Professor
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 2/3/A02.9.01.40
  385-83477 Send eMail to Josef Haas
HAID, Manuela 03-090 385-84518 Send eMail to Manuela Haid
HAMMER, Larissa (Student Assistant)     Send eMail to Larissa Hammer
HOFER, Edith
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 22
  385-80245 Send eMail to Edith Hofer
HOLTER, Magdalena 05-130 385-13203 Send eMail to Magdalena Holter
HOLZINGER, Andreas, Associate Professor 05-180 385-13883 Send eMail to Andreas Holzinger
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 35/A-010
  385-77556 Send eMail to Klaus Jeitler
KAINZ, Andreas 03-070 385-81374 Send eMail to Andreas Kainz
KREUZTHALER, Markus 05-210 385-13591 Send eMail to Markus Kreuzthaler
LÓPEZ-GARCÍA, Pablo (Visiting Researcher)     Send eMail to Pablo López-García
MANDL-POHL, Astrid 03-080 385-17886 Send eMail to Astrid Mandl-Pohl
OFNER-KOPEINIG, Petra, Assistant Professor 05-150 385-13588 Send eMail to Petra Ofner
OLEYNIK, Michel 03-100 385-14518 Send eMail to Michel Oleynik
PFEIFER, Bastian 03-100 385-17889 Send eMail to Bastian Pfeifer
PITZLER, Rudolf 05-260 385-83585 Send eMail to Rudolf Pitzler
PREGARTNER, Gudrun 05-130 385-14297 Send eMail to Gudrun Pregartner
QUEHENBERGER, Franz 05-100 385-17872 Send eMail to Franz Quehenberger
RIEDL, Regina 05-140 385-17874 Send eMail to Regina Riedl
SARANTI, Anna (Research Assistant) 03-110 385-17988 Send eMail to Anna Saranti
SCHIMEK, Michael G., Professor 05-080 385-14263 Send eMail to Michael Schimek
SCHLEMMER, Andrea 03-080 385-84716 Send eMail to Andrea Schlemmer
SCHMIEDBERGER, Erich 05-200 385-17876 Send eMail to Erich Schmiedberger
SCHNEIDER, Michaela (Student Assistant)      
SCHULZ, Stefan, Professor 05-090 385-16939 Send eMail to Stefan Schulz
SCHWANTZER, Gerold 05-070 385-17867 Send eMail to Gerold Schwantzer
SIMONIC, Klaus-Martin, Assistant Professor 05-250 385-13206 Send eMail to Klaus-Martin Simonic
SINGH, Deepika (Research Assistant) 03-110 385-17880 Send eMail to Deepika Singh
SMOLLE, Josef, Professor
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 3/groundfloor
  385-83588 Send eMail to Josef Smolle
VERA RAMOS, Jose Antonio 03-100 385-17889 Send eMail to Jose Antonia Vera Ramos
VITALE, Luca (Visiting Researcher)      
VOGTBERG, Stefan 05-160 385-14262 Send eMail to Stefan Vogtberg
WILTGEN, Marco, Professor 05-230 385-13587 Send eMail to Marco Wiltgen
WÜNSCH, Gerit 03-080 385-86939 Send eMail to Gerit Wünsch
Fax 05-110 385-13590
Meeting room 3rd floor 03-050  
Meeting room 5th floor 05-170  
Computerlab I 03-100 385-17889
Computerlab I 03-100 385-14518
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