Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation, Medical University of Graz


Name Floor-
Tel. No.
Head of the Institute
BERGHOLD, Andrea, Professor 05-120 385-13202 Send eMail to Andrea Berghold
BENEDIKT, Kathrin; Head Office 05-110 385-13201 Send eMail to Kathrin Benedikt
KRÖLL, Gabriele; Student Affairs 03-090 385-12980 Send eMail to Gabriele Kröll
MASAREI, Bettina; Information Services, Webmaster 05-050 385-12512 Send eMail to Bettina Masarei
NUSSMÜLLER, Annemarie; Student Affairs 03-090 385-12980 Send eMail to Annemarie Nußmüller
REICHER, Astrid; Head Office 05-110 385-83201 Send eMail to Astrid Reicher
STROBL, Brigitte; Head Office 05-110 385-83201 Send eMail to Brigitte Strobl
Scientific and Technical Staff
ACKERL, Siegfried 05-160 385-17875 Send eMail to Siegfried Ackerl
AVIAN, Alexander 05-150 385-17873 Send eMail to Alexander Avian
BACHMAIER, Gerhard 05-220 385-12688 Send eMail to Gerhard Bachmaier
BLOICE, Marcus 05-190 385-13589 Send eMail to Marcus Bloice
BORENICH, Andrea 05-140 385-13205 Send eMail to Andrea Borenich
DORN, Andreas 03-070 385-17879 Send eMail to Andreas Dorn
ERRATH, Maximilian 05-240 385-81828 Send eMail to Maximilian Errath
GELL, Günther, Professor (emeritus) 05-130 385-14297 Send eMail to Günther Gell
GODA, Zsófia (Student Assistant)     Send eMail to Zsófia Goda
HASHEMIAN NIK, David (Student Assistant)     Send eMail to David Hashemian Nik
HAAS, Josef, Associate Professor
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 2/3/A02.9.01.40
  385-83477 Send eMail to Josef Haas
HAID, Manuela 03-090 385-84518 Send eMail to Manuela Haid
HAMMER, Larissa (Student Assistant)      
HOFER, Edith
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 22
  385-80245 Send eMail to Edith Hofer
HOLTER, Magdalena 05-130 385-13203 Send eMail to Magdalena Holter
HOLZINGER, Andreas, Associate Professor 05-180 385-13883 Send eMail to Andreas Holzinger
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 35/A-010
  385-77556 Send eMail to Klaus Jeitler
KAINZ, Andreas 03-070 385-81374 Send eMail to Andreas Kainz
KASÁČ, Zdenko 03-100 385-17889 Send eMail to Zdenko Kasác
KREUZTHALER, Markus 05-210 385-13591 Send eMail to Markus Kreuzthaler
LÓPEZ-GARCÍA, Pablo (Visiting Researcher)     Send eMail to Pablo López-García
MANDL-POHL, Astrid 03-080 385-17886 Send eMail to Astrid Mandl-Pohl
MARTÍNEZ COSTA, Catalina 03-110 385-17880 Send eMail to Catalina Martínez Costa
OFNER-KOPEINIG, Petra, Assistant Professor 05-150 385-13588 Send eMail to Petra Ofner
OLEYNIK, Michel (Visiting Researcher)      
PFEIFER, Bastian 03-100 385-17889 Send eMail to Bastian Pfeifer
PITZLER, Rudolf 05-260 385-83585 Send eMail to Rudolf Pitzler
PREGARTNER, Gudrun 05-130 385-14297 Send eMail to Gudrun Pregartner
QUEHENBERGER, Franz 05-100 385-17872 Send eMail to Franz Quehenberger
RIEDL, Regina 05-140 385-17874 Send eMail to Regina Riedl
SCHIMEK, Michael G., Associate Professor 05-080 385-14263 Send eMail to Michael Schimek
SCHLEMMER, Andrea 03-080 385-84716 Send eMail to Andrea Schlemmer
SCHMIEDBERGER, Erich 05-200 385-17876 Send eMail to Erich Schmiedberger
SCHULZ, Stefan, Professor 05-090 385-16939 Send eMail to Stefan Schulz
SCHWANTZER, Gerold 05-070 385-17867 Send eMail to Gerold Schwantzer
SIMONIC, Klaus-Martin, Assistant Professor 05-250 385-13206 Send eMail to Klaus-Martin Simonic
SMOLLE, Josef, Professor
     Address: Auenbruggerplatz 3/groundfloor
  385-83588 Send eMail to Josef Smolle
VERA RAMOS, Jose Antonio 03-100 385-17889 Send eMail to Jose Antonia Vera Ramos
VOGTBERG, Stefan 05-160 385-14262 Send eMail to Stefan Vogtberg
WILTGEN, Marco, Professor 05-230 385-13587 Send eMail to Marco Wiltgen
WÜNSCH, Gerit 03-080 385-86939 Send eMail to Gerit Wünsch
Fax 05-110 385-13590
Meeting room 3rd floor 03-050  
Meeting room 5th floor 05-170  
Computerlab I 03-100 385-17889
Computerlab I 03-100 385-14518
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