Abstract Submission

The meeting has taken place and submission has closed!

We welcome abstracts from anyone wishing to hold a talk or present a poster, however those wishing to simply attend can do so by registering without submitting an abstract.

Please observe the following:

Abstract submission

The meeting has taken place and submission has closed!

For submissions use the ISNPS LaTeX abstract template.

Detailed instructions on the format and length of the abstract are provided in the template's .tex and .pdf files. Please do not edit the .sty file.

Only submissions using the ISNPS LaTeX abstract template can be accepted, so please prepare your abstracts in this format for submission using the EasyChair system.

When submitting, you must submit a zip archive of two items:
  1. your .tex file
  2. your generated .pdf file
and upload them as a single zip archive.

For those presenting posters: printed posters must be in A0 size and in portrait orientation. An abstract for the poster must also be submitted.

You can submit your abstracts now using the EasyChair system. The submission system can be found here:


Submission has closed!

Notification of Acceptance

All decisions regarding acceptance will be sent by e-mail by May 15th, 2015.


Types of papers for presentation are:
  1. theoretical, non-parametric contributions (can be fully application-free but might stimulate future applications in the biosciences and medicine),
  2. computational contributions, and
  3. applications of non-parametric methodology as well as computational approaches to modern biosciences and to medicine.
Contributions focusing on non-parametric methodology and related computational issues (of special interest are solutions to big data problems, R implementations, and Bioconductor), as well as connected applications in biology and medicine are most welcome. Submissions by PhD students and post-docs are particularly encouraged. For a complete list of topics covered, please see the Contributed Talks and Posters page.