Information Quality in eHealth

7th Conference of the Austrian Computer Society
Workgroup: Human-Computer Interaction

LKH-University Hospital Graz

The conference will focus on the hypothesis that modern information management can bridge the hiatus theoreticus, the gap between scientific and theoretical knowledge in medicine on one hand and its application within medical practice on the other hand.

In their daily routines, medical practitioners are confronted with individuals who exhibit variations in the expressions of diseases with respect to etiology, symptoms, the course of the disease as well as psycho-social aspects, requiring the tailoring of scientific knowledge to personalize practicable diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions. Crucial to this process is the usability of information, extracting maximum potential for the highest quality outcome. We challenge the scientific community to present outstanding ideas and solutions for information usage in the context of:

Information Usability & ...
  • ... Accessibility
  • ... Clinical Routine, Pathways and Workflows
  • ... Decision Making Support
  • ... (Governmental) Health Services
  • ... Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery
  • ... Medical Education
  • ... Privacy, Safety and Security
  • ... Visualization, Perception and Cognitive Science
  • ... Patient Empowerment.

All submissions will be reviewed by at least three independent reviewers. Accepted contributions will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

The published proceedings is now available from Springer.
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