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Workshops on May 22nd

Doctoral Programs at the Medical University of Graz

This workshop invites students who are interested in learning about doctoral education at the Medical University of Graz. We will introduce the PhD programs Molecular Medicine and Advanced Medical Biomarker Research (AMBRA), the Doctoral Colleges Molecular Fundamentals of Inflammation (MOLIN) and Metabolic and Cardiovascular Research (MCD), the Doctoral Program Inflammatory Disorders in Pregnancy (DP-iDP), as well as the Doctoral Studies of Medical Science including various aspects of research areas. We will elucidate differences between the programs, explain admission criteria and application procedures and present the structure of the studies. A highlight of the workshop will be a short guided tour through the Center for Medical Research to deliver insight into the workplaces of our doctoral students.

Getting ready for the nightshift - X-ray interpretation for young doctors

When starting your career in medicine, it won’t be long until your first nightshift. It’s going to be just you and the patient in your emergency room. Are you going to wake up your on-call doctor at 4 a.m. just to ask him about that chest X-ray you ordered? In this workshop we will go through cases based on X-ray pictures that are very common in the night shift. It is going to be an interactive workshop that teaches you how to tell emergencies (that do require to wake your superior) from casualties.

Antibiotic stewardship

To be announced

Clinical skills center training

To be announced

Basics in Plastic Surgery

Delegates will learn the fundamental skills of plastic surgery at an early career stage in a supportive environment. There is a balanced mix of practical and theoretical material taught on the course with demonstrations and soft tissue models for practise. The course provides delegates with the confidence required to perform the basic skill required in plastic surgery.

EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) Workshop

Medications and pharmaceutical companies promise always advancing therapies. Should we change our proven therapies everytime a new one comes up? How shall we react to the newest information concerning different treatments? Evidence based practice offers doctors, pharmacists, all other health science workers and everyone, who is interested, tools to answer these questions on an objective baseline and therefore gives you a possibility to prove new statements on their validity. Goal of this workshop is to learn and use the basics of evidence based practice and thereby being better able to distinguish different therapeutic approaches concerning their outcomes.

Happy & Healthy (throughout your studies and life)

Exploring various startegies to stay mentally and physically healthy, relieve stress and cope better with everyday challenges.
Working in the medical field is connected to stressful times and complicated situations for every one of us. In this workshop you will learn about how this influences your health and mind, what you can do to care for yourself and how you can profit from certain habits. We will also try out some relaxation exercise together so you can discover what suits you best.

HIV/AIDS - still a worldwide challenge

In the last years HIV/AIDS has changed from a deadly disease to a chronically infection. People living with HIV who adhere to HIV treatment get an undetectable viral load and do not transmit HIV through sexual intercourse. They can grow old and have healthy children. But…
Being HIV positive still means to be discriminated - over 50% of the recorded cases in Austria happened in the medical field.
In the workshop, you get a worldwide overview about the situation of HIV/AIDS with a special focus on Austria and the work of the AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark information centre.



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