Lipid Hydrolysis



PP01 coordinates six technology platforms to provide appropriate access to the highly specialized technical expertise and instrumentation for all project parts of the SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS.

Lipid hydrolase screening platform:

A central aim of the SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS is to establish a collective clone and enzyme collection for all predicted serine hydrolases. Recombinant proteins will be expressed in suitable mammalian expression systems and subjected to functional screening.

Animal model platform:
For almost all project parts of the SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS consortium, both the use of existing transgenic and knockout mouse lines and the generation of novel mouse models are essential.

Morphology and pathology platform:
Morphological, histological, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural examinations of various murine tissues and organs will be indispensable to assess the (patho)physiological consequences of loss of lipid hydrolases.

Omics platform:

Essentially all project parts of the SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS require the qualitative identification and quantitative analysis of lipid species. In addition, many project parts rely on the analysis of metabolites as well as proteins including their modifications. The Omics platform builds on the existing infrastructure and expertise for lipid, protein, and metabolite analyses in Graz.

Microscopy platform:

Team members of the SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS will have access to cutting-edge optical imaging technologies enabling specialized applications not addressable using standard light and fluorescence microscopy.

Nikon Center of Excellence
Uni Graz Zentrale Mikroskopie Einrichtung
Core Facility Ultrastructure Analysis
ELMINet Graz

Structural bioinformatics platform:

Predictions of enzyme function using 3D patterns and tools for integrative structural biology, including structure calculation approaches combining complementary techniques such as NMR spectroscopy, small-angle X-ray/neutron scattering (SAXS/SANS), and techniques for de novo structure prediction are available to the SFB LIPID HYDROLYSIS consortium.

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