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Completion of the course of study

Your graduation documents will be issued after having successfully completed all necessary achievements, including the thesis and the final comprehensive oral examination and after the examination protocol has been submitted to the Department of Admission and Student Affairs.

Overall certificate for completion of studies

Please use this form to apply for your graduation documents (diploma, notification of the award of an academic degree, diploma supplement and transcript of records).

The Department of Admission and Student Affairs will notify you by email once your graduation documents have been issued and signed by the Rector of Studies and are ready to be picked up.

Please note that only the documents requested by the form above legally certify the completion of the course of study. 

The degree presented at the voluntary graduation ceremony has no legal value and is purely decorative in nature. Please bring the following documents when you come to pick up your graduation documents:

  • Confirmation of No Outstanding Books or Fines from the Library of the Medical University of Graz

    Confirmation of  No Outstanding Books

    Please send the completed form to bibliothek(at)
  • Statistical Survey for Graduates

    Information Sheet for the Statistical Survey
  • Declaration of Confidentiality

    During the course of your education at the Medical University of Graz, you have been entrusted with knowledge of information pertaining to individuals or groups. It is therefore necessary for you to sign a declaration of confidentiality. With your signature, you agree not to disclose any confidential information in accordance with the Austrian Data Protection Act. You will be given the Declaration of Confidentiality when you pick up your graduation documents. Click here to read the Declaration of Confidentiality now.

    Furthermore you will be asked to sign the solemn pledge. The form will be given to you while picking up your graduation documents.
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