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Assessment of the dissertation

The following documents/steps are required in order to begin the assessment and approbation of your scientific work:

  • Electronic entry in MEDonline (access via the business card), in PDF/A format (Information Sheet - Creating a Thesis in PDF/A Format) and approval by the supervisor
  • Preparing a dissertation
  • The guidelines "Standards of Good Scientific Practice and Ombuds Committee at the Medical University of Graz" can be found here
  • The checklist of the Dean for students and their supervisors is available here
  • via STUDMAIL to dissertation(at)
    • signed Consent for publication
    • signed Assessment of the Completed Dissertation
    • first author publication/s (pdf-file) regarding the dissertation or at least the acceptance of paper (original e-mail) with the accepted manuscript (pdf-file)

    According to the checklist for students and supervisors please also submit via mail:

    • written statements of all co-authors (1d)
    • obtained permissions to reproduce the material from the copyright holders (4)

  • Restriction of Use (if required): The application for a restriction of use is to be submitted for approval before submission of the final thesis in MEDonline during the ordination of the (Vice-) Dean of study affairs. The application form is available here

The study management will confirm the complete submission of all required documents/steps by e-mail. Further Information: A bound copy of the academic work is not required for assessment and approbation. It is recommended to have a bound version of the work made for private use only after the assessment and approbation has been completed. The comprehensive oral examination before a committee can be organized by the student directly after submission of the dissertation. The approbation of the dissertation can take up to two month. Therefore the final oral examination should be scheduled accordingly. Detailed information is available here.  

The submission of a cumulative dissertation is permissible in particular and justified cases, but only after consultation with the Dean of Doctoral Studies and in compliance with the “Guidelines for the Preparation of a Dissertation”. Please find the Criteria for a Cumulative Dissertation here.

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