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Medizinische Universität Graz

Procedure for Restriction of Use

(Non-disclosure of a Dissertation)     

According to § 86 Section 2 of the Universities Act 2002 (UG 2002), the author may request that a dissertation be excluded from use if it can be made plausible that public access to the scientific work constitutes a risk to important legal or economic interests of the student. 

The restriction of use is initially declared for a period of two years. It is possible to extend this period for another three years. An application for such an extension must be submitted to the Studies Rector of the Medical University of Graz before the expiration of the initial non-disclosure period. The restriction of use can no longer be extended after the total period of five years. 

The non-disclosure prevents public access to the work on the internet, but it does not prevent the entry of the title, the abstract, the author's name, the name of the supervisor or the name of the organization in MEDonline. 


The application for restriction of use (Restriction of Use form) is to include sufficient reason for the restriction of use and be completed in advance and submitted to the Studies Rector either in person or by email. 

The approved application for restriction of use must be uploaded to MEDonline at the same time as the submission of the final dissertation.


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