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Curricular Committee

The Curricular Committee is formed by 7 faculty members and the Speaker of the Faculty and the Student Speakers. The head of Curricular Committee organizes and chairs the meetings. Meetings have to take place at least twice per semester. 

The tasks of the Curricular Committee are:

  • to monitor and evaluate the on-going teaching program and examinations of MOLMED
  • to analyze the evaluation forms of the participating students submitted on each MOLMED training course
  • to suggest respective changes to the courses, work-shops and examinations of MOLMED and all related materials where appropriate
  • to propose novel concepts and topics for courses and work-shops to broaden the teaching program of MOLMED


  • Ute Panzenböck (Speaker)
  • Akos Heinemann
  • Ellen Heitzer
  • Dagmar Kratky
  • Albert Woelfler
  • Roland Malli
  • Christian Wadsack
  • Piyush Gajananrao Gampawar
  • Franz Hubert Hallwirth
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