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Medizinische Universität Graz

Science Connect

27.11.2018 -

Pre-meeting to the Doctoral Day 2018.

ScienceConnect, a pre-meeting to the DocDay 2018 of the Medical University of Graz, is a new venture where young scientists from external universities and research institutions of Graz are invited to present their on-going project(s), techniques or new research ideas/approaches in front of the scientific and clinical audience of the Medical University. We envision ScienceConnect as a platform that provides the opportunity for networking, enables the exchange of expertise among groups working in different fields, ultimately helping each other to achieve our scientific goals promptly.

The event will have 7 min e-poster presentation followed by 3 mins of discussion

Veranstaltungsort: MED CAMPUS Graz, Hörsaal MC4

Mag. Karin Osibow


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