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Real-time PCR Workshop

21.05.2019 09:00 - 22.05.2019 16:00

anmeldepflichtig! (Anmeldung bis: 06.05.2019 16:00) kostenpflichtig!

The two-days quantitative real-time PCR workshop will provide attendees a comprehensive overview of real-time PCR and consists of a theoretical and practical part

The course contents are:

•Theory of quantitative real time PCR (traditional PCR vs qPCR, detection methods, assay design, amplification plots, Cq, melting curves, efficiency, reference genes..)

•Study design

•Sample preparation and quality control (RNA isolation methods and QC, cDNA synthesis, qPCR reaction, assay validation, controls)

•Relative quantification methods (ΔΔ Ct-method, Pfaffl-method)

•Hands on training (SYBR Assays)



Languages of instruction: English or German Target audience: qPCR beginners (PhD students, technicians and researchers) Costs: 400 Euro (University) / 600 Euro (Company) Registration: (deadline: May, 3rd 2019) As the number of participants is limited (min. 3 and max. 8), please register early to confirm your seat!




DFP Punkte: 16

Veranstaltungsort: ZMF seminar room 3rd floor O3-012, Stiftingtalstraße 24, 8010 Graz

Veranstalter: Dr. Christian Gülly

Dr. Birgit Gallé


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