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Working with qPCR data

13.06.2019 09:00 - 11:00

anmeldepflichtig! (Anmeldung bis: 31.05.2019 16:00)

Learn how to perform initial Ct values normalization, select appropriate statistics and apply correctly to get the most out of your qPCR data.

This workshop teaches statistical principles and tools that are used in qPCR data analysis.

The workshop contains:

• 2−ΔΔCT method using reference gene for normalization

• Descriptive statistics

• Comparison of groups (paired and unpaired studies)

• Guideline for publication of qPCR data analysis (MIQE)

Teaching and learning method: 80% lecture and 20% interactive

Languages of instruction: English or German

Target audience: PhD students, technicians and researchers

Entrance qualifications: no

Costs: free of charge

Registration: (deadline: May, 31st 2019)

As the number of participants is limited (min. 3 and max. 8), please register early to confirm your seat!

Veranstaltungsort: ZMF seminar room ground floor EG-086, Stiftingtalstraße 24, 8010 Graz

Veranstalter: Dr. Christian Gülly

Mag. Andrea Groselj-Strele, Mag. Katharina Eberhard


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