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Patenting research results

28.01.2020 10:00 - 12:00

Open Workshop for Researchers: Patenting research results at the European Patent Office

Patents increase the visibility of researchers and research institutions, are valuable in order to raise funding for research and can facilitate knowledge and technology transfer processes from research organizations into industry and society. Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences are committed to pursue knowledge and technology transfer activities and are increasingly aware of the opportunities related to academic patenting.


You will learn about

• basic principles of how Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences deal with service inventions and patent applications,

• the European Patent System including European Patent Law, filing patent applications at the European Patent Office (European application, PCT, etc.), patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions (CII), etc.,

and you will have the unique opportunity to target questions directly to experts of the European Patent Office.



Veranstaltungsort: University of Graz, Universitätsstraße 15, RESOWI, HS 15.14, Section E

Veranstalter: Mag. Gernot Faustmann

Mag. Gernot Faustmann


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